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Vista FA2 Single Iris & Face Camera

Complete Multimodal Biometric Camera for Tethered and Embedded Applications

Key Features:

  • ISO/IEC 19794-5/6 compliant face and iris images

  • Windows 7, CE, XP & Vista and Linux OS Support

  • Compact/Lightweight: 94 x 94 x 54mm at 0.18 kg.

  • Standard USB 2.0

  • LiveEye anti-Spoof detection

  • Multi wavelength IR illumination

  • Intelligent distance sensing technology

  • Integrated cold mirror, LED indicators and built-in microphone/speaker

  • Supported by Raven™ Biometric Enrollment Software

  • Seamless data transfer to the Card Encoding Engine™


The VistaFA2 is a complete multimodal biometric camera that includes both an iris scanner and face camera . Multi-wavelength infra-red illumination, integrated flash, intelligent distance sensing technology, and operational feedback features improve image quality and provide unique auto-acquisition capabilities. ISO/IEC 19794-5/6 compliant images and Live Eye anti-Spoof detection software make the VistaFA2 ideal for enrolling and authenticating subjects in high security applications, such as national identity programs, law enforcement, border control, military and government identification, and resident alien identification.

Biometrics Smart Card Applications

  • National Identity Programs

  • Border Control

  • Financial&Banking Security

  • Law Enforcement

  • Healthcare ID & EHR

  • Driver’s License

  • Military Identification

  • Government Facility ID

  • Resident Alien ID

Seamless Data Enrollment and Smart Card Personalization

The VistaFA2 is powered by Corvus Integration’s Raven™ Software for unlimited biometric enrollment and biometric matching capabilities. The data is seamlessly transferred from Raven software to the Card Encoding Engine™ Card Personalization Software for immediate in-line chip encoding onto a smart card. Combining smart card technology with biometrics provides the strongest verification and authentication of the cardholder’s identity while safe guarding data storage. Seamlessly transfer your biometric data to the Card Encoding Engine™ from CardLogix for the fastest and easiest in-line personalization of smart cards – no programming required.

Compliant with the Highest of Industry Standards

The VistaFA2 leverages state-of-the-art digital imaging technology, based on Vista Imaging’s powerful & proven ViCAM®III Digital Imaging Engine, to support superior face and iris images that meet the highest of industry standards. The camera features multi wavelength infra-red illumination and distance sensing technology to optimize iris image capture. The dual iris scanner features a high-resolution CMOS sensor with custom optics for ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant, VGA iris images. The face camera features a 3MP CMOS image sensor, special optics, and an integrated flash for low-light environments, providing crystal clear, 19794-5-compliant, VGA images every capture.

Strong Reliability for High Security Identity Applications

The VistaFA2 is designed for high security applications that demand high reliability to confidently verify a subject’s identity. VistaFA2 includes integrated LiveEye anti-Spoof detection software to reliably detect living tissue from iris capture, thereby eliminating biometric fraud. It also includes audio input for unique voice recognition capabilities. Images captured with VistaFA2 maintain proven quality and ISO/IEC compliancy with every capture. For the highest security and reliability, load your biometric data onto a CardLogix smart card, like the M.O.S.T Card® or Credentsys® Card, for applications that require multi-factor authentication and secure data storage.

Fast and Effortless Iris and Face Acquisition

The VistaFA2 is equipped with features that accelerate and automate iris image acquisition. VistaFA2 features proprietary distance sensing circuitry with built-in audio input that detects the subject’s distance from the camera. The camera includes an integrated cold mirror and tri-color RGB LED indicators that quickly lead the subject into the optimal distance and position from/to the camera, prompting automatic iris image acquisition. Built-in audio output also provides optional voice instructions and audio feedback. VistaFA2 also includes an integrated tripod mount for easy assembly and hands-free enrollment. The VistaFA2 can be used for portable or desktop biometric enrollment and authentication; as well as stationary or portable biometric enrollment and verification in biometic kiosks.

User-Safety Guaranteed

VistaFA2 is a safe, ROHS compliant biometric device that meets international Eye Safety Requirements. Thanks to the camera’s advanced distance sensing technology, the VistaFA2 will automatically turn off the iris illumination if the target moves too close to the device. This protects the subject’s eyes from unneeded near infra red emissions.


  • Powered by Vista Imaging’s powerful and proven ViCAM®III Digital Imaging Engine

  • ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant iris images

  • ISO/IEC 19794-5 compliant face images

  • Multi-wavelength IR illumination

  • Meets international Eye Safety Requirements

  • Integrated flash for face capture in dim to dark environments

  • Intelligent distance-sensing technology for rapid automatic image acquisition

  • Integrated cold mirror and RGB Tricolor LED for easy self-alignment feedback during iris capture

  • Integrated microphone and speaker with USB input/output audio capabilities

  • Full-featured SDK for quick and easy integration with custom applications

  • Easy mounting to tripods with integrated tripod mount

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Supported by Raven™ software

  • idblox™ certified


Device Name

  • VistaFA2 Iris&Face Camera


  • Vista Imaging, Inc


  • Corvus Integration, Inc.


  • USB 2.0

Quality And Formats

  • ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant iris images at 10″ to target

  • ISO/IEC 19794-5 compliant iris images at 24″ to target


  • 94 x 94 x 54mm (3.7″ x 3.7″ x 2.1″)


  • 0.18 kg (0.4 lb.)


  • 16-khz 16 bit audio I/O

Supported OS

  • Windows 7, CE, XP, & Vista, Linux and future Android OS support

  • WinLogo certified

Supported Software

  • Raven™ Biometric Enrollment&Verification Software by Corvus

  • Card Encoding Engine™ Coming Soon

  • idblox™ approved

Iris Illumination

  • Multi wavelength infrared


  • VGA images (640 x 480 resolution)

Image Sensor

  • Above 41p/mm resolution at higher than 60% contrast ratio

CMOS Sensor Resolution

  • 3MP 24bit color face camera

Face Image Size

  • 240 x 1536 pixels

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