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Iriscan provides software development and consulting

We utilize our extensive software development expertise, data security and protection knowledge in the field, and experience with the development and maintenance of our own biometric SaaS platform —

Our Services

Biometric Software Consulting

Want to use modern biometric technologies for KYC, access control, or any other field? Mitigate the risks and remove uncertainty. We empower our clients with a clear vision of how biometrics will improve their business.

Custom software development

Software development is not only about "what should it do" but also "how well."  Sensitive data, strict security requirements, high load, all of this requires extra expertise and experience. So don't be anxious about your system quality; leave it for us.

Data Security Consulting

GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, DPA, all these abbreviations distress millions of entrepreneurs over the world. So how should you protect data? Do you need encryption? What policies should you have? We respond to those questions that a lawyer will not answer.

IT systems integration

Only if different software systems work together seamlessly, they reduce your efforts and remove the possibility of human error. Thus, we help you to create exceptional power to scale your business processes.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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