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Iriscan – Iris recognition as a service

Deploy the power and ease of iris recognition with solutions both on-prem and in the cloud

Every iris is unique, no two irises are ever the same. Even identical twins have different irises. Each iris contains over 250 unique features. This is why iris scanning is commonly considered the most reliable and fast biometric technology.

Iriscan works with off the shelf and custom iris scanning devices. It provides a ready to use secure isolated environment for managing sensitive biometric security data. Iriscan relieves the security and compliance risks and hassles of integrating biometric security into your business. Enabling you to enjoy the efficiency and peace of mind that comes from near infallible biometric authentication without that associated risk and hassle of maintaining back end processes. 


The Iriscan application can be simply managed through a secure webpage or deployed on-prem for highly customised solutions and ultimate control.


256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

Ease of integration

Works out of the box


From small teams to large enterprises


Adapted to your existing systems

Iris scanning technology advantages





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Biometric software consulting

Iriscan provide consulting and custom biometric software development for specific applications such as protecting High Value locations and persons. As well as security architecture consulting for businesses looking to implement or change biometric security providers.

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